Saturday, February 18, 2012

Popular Media Control

Attachment to popular media distributional information and political per-arrangements to make high up civilian elected officials seem connected to conspiracy.

Case Example: American Beauty and disinformation that marines favor Nazis by collecting Nazi memorabilia and are also gay secretly so they would want to protect don't ask don't tell: This case upper level officials are meant to look attached to the “Illuminati” that secretly control media exposure to influence policy and therefore politics as a whole in order to maintain their lineage passed down power, whereas the Jews involved are meant to look as if they are rewarded for influencing and controlling media. At first glance what is currently being exposed about marine Nazi activity in Afghanistan doesn't seem to be attached to homosexuality, but more likely will later be used to boost anti-discrimination policy and subsequent securities put on within the military, including anti-gay discrimination which could be later used in conjunction with the controlled media exposure through American Beauty to make it look per-arranged and therefore conspiratorial at the highest levels, using our own soldiers and military command as pawns in the broader “conspiracy”. The Hebrews involved are made to look in this instance as if they are being rewarded with high level incomes for their complicity in controlling the media exposure that led to the anti-discrimination policy and securities that were later used to control political affluence. American Beauty was picked up by Dreamworks and their biggest partner happens to be a Hebrew we all know very well, Steven Spielberg who's religion is Judaism. This is obviously also being used to make the “anonymous” screenwriters like Rafael Moreu look more credible as informants against the C.I.A. Read Rafael Moreu's biography at IMDB for further analysis as this bio is meant to make him look like an informant against the C.I.A. and the plot to blow up the trade towers that he is seemingly “exposing”, which is obvious disinformation meant to attach the C.I.A to the actual 911 attacks.

Key players being utilized in this act by foreign intelligence agency are as follows:
Mikey Weinstein; M.R.F.F.: founder
William Speaks; commander U.S. Military, name origination England
Randal Mathis; Law firm Mathis, Donheiser and Jeter
Leon Panetta; 23rd United States secretary of defense: incumbant
Max J. Rosenthal; Huffington Post: journalist – article name: Afghanistan base 'Aryan' raises objections from soldiers over name – source:

Media made popular purposely by foreign intelligence design to be used against the United States in many ways.